Winterizing Sprinkler System

It’s that time of the year again when the trees are shedding their leaves and our lawns don’t need the attention they normally do during the warmer months.


We’re also getting closer to the threat of freezing temperatures. While it’s true that Southeast Texas does not experience many days of prolonged subfreezing weather, we do occasionally get several days and nights where the temperatures drop low enough to cause pipes to freeze and break. The problem for many of us is because the sprinklers are out of sight we often forget to protect the system from freezing.


Below is an easy DIY instructions on winterizing your sprinkler system to avoid those expensive repairs.

Instructions for PVB Freeze Protection

Turn off main valve in ground: valve located in 4” green valve box usually a red handle that
maybe located near water meter or near PVB. Off position is when handle makes a cross to pipe.
Maybe hard to turn off.

Go to PVB and remove the two black test cock covers.  With a screw driver turn both screws from the vertical position to horizontal position. Water will spray out of the PVB so stay clear not to get wet.

Go to the timer and run the manual test function until all water is clear of lines.  Will not take long.

Turn off timer until you are ready to start up system again.

Here is a short video to illustrate


Go to PVB and turn test cock screws to the vertical position.

Go to main shut off valve in ground and turn to the on position, vertical with pipe.

Put black covers on test cocks.

Article courtesy of AIS Landscaping and Irrigation

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